How “Life” "Investigated the Murder" Of Nemtsov

How “Life” "Investigated the Murder" Of NemtsovAt the beginning of July, 2016 Anonymous International group opened to sail the array of information, belonging to the management and the staff of the Russian multimedia service "Life", also known as “Lifenews”.

We were not especially interested in the fact who and how succeeded to crack the iPhone and the email of Aram Gabrelyanov and his subordinates, but our attention was drawn by several letters unveiling the features of journalists’ work - those who are called the "unmaskers" and other creators of world sensations made in the Russian particular news' style. In particular, it was very curious how the owner of the holding who manages not only the website “LifeNews”, but also the channel of the same name, the "Izvestiya" newspaper, the website Super, Russian News Service radio station and some other mass media, not only directly interferes with the work of journalists, but also specifies how these or those materials have to be exactly remade.

In the lot exposed by "Anonymous International" for public viewing only some screenshots are in free access so far, but all the same they can provide quite good food for thought.
How “Life” "Investigated the Murder" Of Nemtsov

The first letter dated on June 20, 2016 is the part of correspondence with the editor-in-chief of LifeNews TV channel Anatoly Suleymanov concerning the already famous to us the German intelligence agent Wilhelm Ditl'

As we see, the editor-in-chief of “LifeNews” sent for the judgement and approval of Aram Ashotovich several quotes of Wilhelm which had to be submitted as an exclusive. Among them there is the key phrase: "I paid special attention to this car, it is very interesting. And we have to investigate about this and ask Kiev about it". But it seemed to Aram Ashotovich a weak news, so he asked to strengthen the "grateful part" of Ditl'.
How “Life” "Investigated the Murder" Of Nemtsov

As a result of June 22 at 14:45 on "Life" appeared the news with a very specific heading "The former intelligence agent of Germany identified the car of the State Security Service of Ukraine on the last video with Nemtsov". Though even from the text of the news it is not obvious at all that the intelligence agent identified someone or something, but, as they say, the word of the chief is the law...

In the second letter Suleymanov tells about further plans of his channel as for the "investigation of murder of Nemtsov".

What is remarkable here is that nobody on the channel was going to carry out the real background of Ditl's statements, and - as before "X o'clock" of "super revelations of killers of the State Security Service of Ukraine" from Ditl' as well as after it - there were a lot of other surprising events in information space.
How “Life” "Investigated the Murder" Of Nemtsov

Let's begin at least with the fact that 3 days prior to Ditl's performance, namely on June 11, 2016 to the Ukrainian journalist in Berlin who was making investigation of Nemtsov's death received the letter from the German organization "Auswaertiges-NFB" in which a certain Uwe Müller accused the journalist of slander concerning V. Didtl' and East Lens group. U. Müller also threatened to prevent the activity of the Ukrainian journalist in Germany by numerous complaints addressed to the official representative of the German chancellor Stefan Seibert.

Let us add one small stroke to the above mentioned information: the content analysis of materials of "Auswaertiges-NFB" organization ( accurately proves its key aim as that of promoting nazi leaders' activity, in particular, V. Kanaris and W. Schellenberg.

But neither preliminary "cleaning" of an information field by Müller, nor Ditl's performance at conference under the name "We Know The Murderers Of Boris Nemtsov" gave the expected effect of information bomb.

The press conference practically did not cause any interest in the journalistic and expert environment not only in Germany, but also in the whole world. According to the available data, among television mass media at the event there were the correspondents of the Russian television channels "LifeNews" and "Channel Five" (St. Petersburg), the correspondent of the Russian news agency "Sputnik", the representative of the German TV channel "Deutsche Welle" and the managing director of the German monthly edition of a right extremist orientation "Zuerst", as well as some little-known journalists.

But even those journalists who paid attention to this performance and participated in it, emphasized that the speaker during the event behaved uncertainly and looked incompetent on many questions. And Ditl' himself repeatedly emphasized that he is not a direct performer of this investigation. V. Ditl' could not provide clear answers to any single specific question of the journalists and promised to talk over about it allegedly with "carriers" of this information and later to inform the interested persons. According to V. Ditl's comments, the press conference was experimental, and the East Lens group was going to publish a lot others "interesting materials". 3 weeks have already passed, but there are neither new investigations, nor even new dates of the new press conferences. Of course, apart from information thrown by "LifeNews" or those which were mentioned above.

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Thus, one can easily arrive to the conclusion: all this informational propaganda on "exposure of the State Security Service of Ukraine" is organized by the Russian intelligence agencies together with a number of media under its control. It is banal - and it has failed. Moreover, "the Ukrainian trace" of Nemtsov's killers was not interesting not only for numerous mass media of the country of residence of Ditl', but even for the correspondents of the known Russian TV channels accredited in Berlin.

But there is more and more inofrmation about V. Ditl', shedding light on how ans why he could have been enlisted by the Russian intelligence agencies. The matter is that according to the Swiss mass media (the articles in the newspapers "Zontagstsaytung" and "Bernertsaytung"), V. Ditl' is one of persons who were involved in a criminal case which is investigated in Confederation and concerns an illegal stealing of bank data by the strangers. As it is noted, in 2014-2015 Ditl' was an accomplice of the swindle during which he received the database on the investors of the Russian bank "Gazprombank". In particular, in September, 2014 V. Ditl' received the list of 7000 German clients of the branch of the Russian bank "Gazprom" for 150 thousand euros. Possibly, some people in the Kremlin did not like it, so now it is high time "to pray for forgiveness" of the old sins.

Sergey Kozlov, "Vector news"
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