Eastern Media Front: why SBU was accused of Nemtsov’s death

Eastern Media Front: why SBU was accused of Nemtsov’s deathOn June 14, 2016 Berlin hosted a very interesting event (in terms of advocacy) at which the very specific "experts" discussed the involvement of Ukrainian secret services in the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Interestingly, the "international conference" of some group called "East lens» (Ost-Objektiv) with a great name, "We know the killers of Boris Nemtsov" was scheduled on June 7, but it was somehow moved.

Also to recall that the "involvement" of the SBU at the events in the Greater Moscow River Bridge was to be proved by an odious Kremlin political analyst Sergei Markov, who has also claimed about "Ukrainian trace of Nemtsov’s murder" at the end of May 2016. But despite the active support of this bollocks version within the Russian media, it was clear that the main brunt at SBU will be made from other areas, ideally - in Europe.
Eastern Media Front: why SBU was accused of Nemtsov’s death

That was then evident in the performance (see the photo above) of representatives of "East lens" in Berlin which was of course immediately popularized by Sputnik agency. The brief retelling of the abovementioned shows the following:

1) Basic information on the participation of SBU experts have received from sources close to the German intelligent services;

2) "Chechen trace" was deliberately put in that case in order to link the offense with the Russian authorities;

3) Disposing of one of the opposition leaders, Ukraine therefore wanted to encourage the riots in the capital of Russian Federation;

4) The central role in the offense played Nemtsov’s girlfriend, Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya - it was her who persuaded a politician to make a night walk on the bridge near Kremlin, where he was killed; in favour of this version are the contradictions in the testimony of the young woman and that the killer did no kill her but let her live as a valuable witness.

5) A special operation of Ukrainian security forces was carried out without the awareness of President Petro Poroshenko (?!);

6) Ost-Objektiv currently plans to evaluate their report, covering 13 pages, in terms of acceptance by the world community, and only then the band members will publish their names.

Let’s leave aside the content of the news for now, and better start analysing who and where told it.

First, let’s pay attention to the fact that the conference started at 11:00 am and lasted about 2 hours. A live webcast was not available, only 2 cameras were recording and a few journalists who would still need to get to the editorial office, then decrypt it from the recorder, get an approval from the editor, then proofread – well, just a standard process. In other words additional 3-4 hours. So the information in the media regarding the involvement of SBU in the Nemtsov’s murder case could appear no earlier than 18.30 - 19.00. But the amazing thing is that at 15.48 pm this was posted on the website
Eastern Media Front: why SBU was accused of Nemtsov’s death

To be honest - a fantastic speed, even for such a monster in media war as “Satellite”. But more to come: Just 250 meters (!) from Berlin, Charlottenstr. 50-52, where "exposure of the century" took place, is the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin on Friedrichstrasse 176-179, which has a number of premises that are adapted to the needs of the German Satellite offices.
Eastern Media Front: why SBU was accused of Nemtsov’s death

To put it mildly, such a coincidence of time and place is extremely rare, if ever possible. For example, the journalist working at NORTEXA website, who “kindly” told about his visit to the conference, published the news only at 22.14 pm...
Eastern Media Front: why SBU was accused of Nemtsov’s death

Secondly, as the time and place is sorted out now, let’s move on to the main actors. The main speechwriter of "objective" conference was a former employee of the German secret service, now publicist Wilhelm Dietl.

Regarding W. Dietl not much is known, but some facts in his biography are alarming. That's what colleagues from the German media told the editorial board "Vector News": "A German citizen Wilhelm Dietl, born in 1955, native of Bad Kottsting (Germany), a German journalist and expert on intelligence services activities. In 1971, while graduating from high school he studied journalism at an editorial office of a local news agency. In the period from 1979 to 1990 he worked in the German magazine «Quick» as a chief reporter. Also, in parallel with that, he worked as a freelance author for a German weekly magazine «Stern» and news magazine «Spiegel». From 1993 to 2004 W.Dietl worked in the popular German edition of «Focus» magazine".

Eastern Media Front: why SBU was accused of Nemtsov’s deathAccording to the available information, W.Dietl came to the attention of the Federal German Intelligence Service (BND) given his strong journalism skills, as well as numerous foreign trips. In the 90s he worked in German BND under the pseudonym of "Dali" and as was instructed by German BND W. Dietl was collecting military information and information about the political and economic development in the countries of South and Central Asia, and the Middle East. Around 1993, he was forced to leave German BND after he officially criticized the role of German Secretary of State Bernd Shmidbauer in context of the release of two German hostages kidnapped in Libya. Also, according to the available information, after he left German BND W.Dietl was in the field of view of the German secret services until 2004, in connection with the publication of proprietary information. In addition, some German media accused W.Dietl in the transfer of personal information of journalists, which may be of interest to the German BND. In 2015, Dietl became the co-founder of the German Institute of Terrorism Research and Security (Institut für Terrorismusforschung & Sicherheitspolitik, «IFTUS» in the city of Essen).

Although Dietl acted alone on June 14th, he is not the only one involved in this case. We are talking about Robert Stelzl, at least that is the name appeared of the person responsible for the holding of a press conference on June 7. But as we know, Ost-Objektiv decided to speak to reporters a week later, and the name Robert has appeared neither in the press nor in the report. The answer to the question "Why Stelzl disappeared?" becomes evident if one analyses his biography in the period from 2009 to 2011. In those years R.Stelzl conducted a research as a free employee of so-called "Diplomatic Press Service", allowing him to obtain an official (!) access to the Russian Embassy in Vienna. We do not claim that Stelzl was recruited as an FSB agent, but his direct connection with Moscow and at the same time participation in the Ost-Objektiv cannot be questioned. Moreover, according to the "Vector News' sources, Robert contacts with the Russian intelligence services is likely to occur in Düsseldorf city, which R.Stelzl suspiciously often visits on private purposes.

And now let’s ask a question, which was addressed by W. Dietl to his "colleagues"–journalists, - "who benefits?. In order to figure it out, let's consider the mathematical principle of "proof of the reverse."

Firstly, it is absolutely unfavourable for the German politicians and intelligence agencies. It is so unfavourable that even Dietl’s Institute IFTUS (originally planned as a "scientific cover" report) completely refused to present, and to participate in the preparation of the report. Secondly, it is not favourable to neither Norwegian nor Dutch secret services, which are shown in the report. Same applies to Ukrainian services.

Only Russian special services remain, which desperately need to divert attention from the terrorist attacks in France and Brussels, as well as the raging Euro 2016 fans. As they say, no comment. Well, maybe only one. Former Dietl’s colleagues from FOCUS magazine describe him as "dishonest journalist," "capable to say anything for the money" associated with many scandals and who "grossly violated journalistic ethics." He was fired from FOCUS just because of scandals. "This is the type of person everybody is looking for, as honest people do not associate themselves with this kind of case ", - said a former Dietl’s colleague in a private conversation. In other words, it is becoming more difficult for Russia, practically impossible, to find experts with a decent reputation, ready to falsely disgrace Ukraine. Advocate repeaters Lubyanka people who have nothing to lose in terms of reputation.

Sergey Kozlov,
"Vector News"
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