European quality safety on roads: Ukraine enters Euro Controle Route

European quality safety on roads: Ukraine enters Euro Controle RouteOn the 15th of June, 2016 in Vilnius (Lithuania) the members of Euro Contrôle Route Supervisory Committee approved the decision to accept the Ukrainian proposal to work with the "European traffic control" on an ongoing basis. From now on, Ukraine will actively participate in the activities of ECR, but without the right to vote. Our State will be represented by the employees of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and "Ukrtransbezopasnost’". This was reported to "Vector News" by Yuri Lavrenyuk, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, who is staying in Lithuania as a Head of the special delegation.

As is known, the main objective of any transport system is to ensure the safety of vehicles movement as well as that of all its participants. Today the experience of the European Union is of vital importance for Ukraine, given the fact that on the governmental level the European integration processes are being introduced. They are aimed at the implementation of the EU legal acts in accordance with the Agreement on Ukraine’s Association in the European Union.

On the route towards European integration, Ukraine has priorities and key problems to be considered, namely the issues of traffic safety, adequate access to and high quality of transport services, transport infrastructure, cooperation in the sphere of vehicular transportation, the implementation of control procedures, information and experience sharing.
European quality safety on roads: Ukraine enters Euro Controle Route
At the beginning of the last year in Ukraine the State Service for Transport Security was established “Ukrtransbezopasnost’”. Its main functions and tasks are to implement the state security policy in public transport, urban electric, rail transport and sea and river transport as well as state supervision and control over the safety of these modes of transport and the provision of administrative services.

In its turn, the Euro Control Route (ECR) represents an Association of vehicle inspections of EU countries, which are working together on traffic safety betterment, the creation of conditions of fair working competition and working conditions of over-the-road truck transport.

From now on the Ukrainian specialists on traffic safety will take an active part in the work of ECR while previously they worked with their European colleagues only occasionally.

European quality safety on roads: Ukraine enters Euro Controle RouteDeputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Yuriy Lavrenyuk said:

- With a view to the implementation of European norms and standards, in Ukraine we have carried out the reform of public authorities, which are involved in safety issues in transport sphere, including over-the-road truck transport. The launch of “Ukrtransbezopasnost’” is a tangible result of the reforms of traffic security system.

This new structure, the backbone of which is made up of safety field experts, is designed to solve all the current problems of over-the-road traffic safety, to introduce fundamentally new methods and principles for the implementation of state supervision and control over transport security and, finally, attract and prepare highly qualified staff, which would fully ensure the implementation of the abovementioned tasks and responsibilities.

The opportunity to gain valuable experience of such organizations as the Euro Control Route in terms of increased security of vehicular transportation, the implementation of European rules and standards, the application of sanctions, as well as the harmonization of European legislation was very important for the further development of “Ukrtransbezopasnost’” and priority tasks’ carrying out.

We should also underline the significant results of the Euro Control Route in the sphere of inspectors’ training in order to improve their professional skills and knowledge. Ukraine's participation in the work of ECR will give great opportunities to our State - to harmonize national legislation in the field of over-the-road truck transport and as a result - to increase the level of safety on the roads.

In a long-term perspective it will also bring our country on the path of freight traffic liberalization with the EU countries, which, in its turn, will facilitate and create the right conditions for our country as well as for the countries of the European Union in terms of international freight and passenger traffic by over-the-road truck transport.

It should be also noted that the same day, Yuri Lavrenyuk held a fruitful working meeting at the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania. In a conversation with his Lithuanian counterparts Saulius Girdauskas (Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications) and Darius Sadaunikas (Acting Chairman of the State Road Transport Inspectorate) Yuri Lavrenyuk raised complex questions of Ukrainian transport infrastructure development and the implementation in the national legislation of Ukraine of the directives and regulations the European Union.
European quality safety on roads: Ukraine enters Euro Controle Route

"Ukraine is doing everything possible to get rid of the loop of post-Soviet countries and become full-fledged country in the European Union", - assured his counterparts Yuri Lavrenyuk.

In fact, today the key priorities for Ukraine are as follows: corporatization of railways and the establishment of the Railway Administration; the creation of Marine Administration, the reduction of port dues and concession of terminals in the seaports; control over the observance of weight standards by the bulky transport; road construction and maintenance; the creation of the Road Fund and decentralization of road management system.

Yuri Fedorovich also mentioned that in many of these areas Ukraine is receiving a steady support from the Republic of Lithuania:

"Indeed, the Lithuanian side, which actively participates in the on-going project Twinning "Support of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine on improving the safety of commercial traffic", greatly helps us to build and develop a proper safety system of commercial traffic in Ukraine, to adapt and bring it into compliance with the technical requirements of the European Union and the best international practices, and as a result – to reduce the number of accidents and the severity of their consequences. At the same time, in the nearest future there is the preparation for the new project implementation with the help of Twinning instrument, but in railway transport sector, where the Lithuanian side will also be one of the key foreign partners of Ukraine."

Translated by Maria Kryzhanovska
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