Federal Security Service – “Tricky Beria’s sons”, or Why do Russian Special Services deceive Putin

Federal Security Service – “Tricky Beria’s sons”, or Why do Russian Special Services deceive PutinTraditionally, the current ruler of the Kremlin is a frequent guest at the headquarters of the Federal Security Service in Lubyanka. In this he differs from his Communist predecessors and the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, who were rarely attending public events, conducted by the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission – Governmental Political Department - People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs – Committee on Governmental Security – Federal Security Service. This is not surprising, given the role of the Russian special services in the transformation of a modern Russian society in a wordless faceless and obedient crowd which adores its leader.


Speaking on the 26th of February, 2016 at the board meeting of the Federal Security Service, dedicated to the results of the operational activity of FSS organs in 2015, Vladimir Putin –in order to confirm the thesis of the "foreign special services, building their activities in Russia" - stated that: "During this time, the activity of more than 400 staff officers and agents of foreign intelligence services has been surpressed." While calling such a number of facts of surpressed hostile activities (rather than about their detection and prevention), the Former Director of the FSS knew really well what he was talking about. And as an indisputable argument, designed to prove the effectiveness of public activities of the FSS, Putin proudly revealed that out of these 400 representatives of foreign special services, 23 have been already prosecuted.

Less than two months have passed, and in April 2016 on the website of the Judicial Department of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation we can find more detailed information: in 2015 in Russia - in cases of high treason, espionage and disclosure of State secrets - not 23, but 28 persons were convicted. But even a superficial comparative analysis of the announced data gives reason to suspect a lie, at least from the part of the FSS leadership, who misinformed the Russian President.

You can judge for yourself. According to statistics delivered by the Judicial Department at the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, under the Article 275 of the Criminal Code (high treason) in 2015 only 6 Russian citizens were convicted, and under the Article 276 of the Criminal Code (espionage) - only two foreigners, including the former Director of the Ukrainian defense plant "Znamia", 73-year-old Yuri Soloshenko. It follows that the proportion of staff members and foreign intelligence agents among those convicted in Russia for committing crimes against the State, in fact, is negligible, since the remaining 20 people were convicted under the Article 283 of the Criminal Code (disclosure of State secrets). That is, 20 out of 28 prosecuted individuals of this category had no connection to the foreign intelligence services, and being so, they could not be staff members of foreign intelligence services !!!

All of them, apparently, were admitted to State secrets by the citizens of the Russian Federation, who disclose the secret information to a foreign State, a foreign organization or their representatives unconsciously, without wanting to disclose the data for the purpose of carrying out hostile activities to the detriment of the Russian Federation’s security.

Naturally, the question arises, why the FSS should trick Putin in such a primitive way, and what is the fate of the others (at least 372 persons), whose undermining activities on behalf of the foreign intelligence services, were allegedly stopped in Russia in 2015?

For example, several staff members of foreign intelligence services, who used diplomatic cover for illegal activities, were expelled from Russia on the initiative of the Russian Federal Security Service, or in response to the actions of the authorities of other countries, without any publicity. It is possible that part of the Russian citizens and foreigners in Russia were subjected to prevention for actions potentially harmful for the national security interests of Russia.

Probably, some of them were even recruited by the FSS agents to be used on a confidential basis for the organization of counter-intelligence research activities, penetration in the special services of foreign states, interception of communication channels, participation in operating games and operational combinations or for countering the measures conducted by the technical intelligence etc.

Although, hypothetically assuming such a possibility, there are big doubts about its implementation because of the lack of professionalism of the employees of the FSS. And this is proved by unforgivable for self-respecting intelligence services mistakes, made during the process, which took place in January-March 2015 on charges of treason of a resident of the city of Vyazma, Svetlana Davydova. It was the first case brought under the Article 275 of the Criminal Code (high treason), after the amendments adopted by the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in 2012. The case did not have analogues even in the Soviet criminal law.

Now, according to the changes introduced to the Criminal Code, any provision of assistance to foreign states or organizations (or their representatives) in the implementation of the activities, directed against the security of the Russian State, is regarded as high treason.

Let us recall the plot of this exponential case. Svetlana Davydova, who actually lived next door to a military unit 48886 of Governmental Intelligence Department of the Russian Federation of the Ministry of Defense (known as the 82th separate radio-technical brigade) in April 2014 noted that the territory occupied by the military unit was empty. Then she happened to overhear a conversation of the brigade soldier saying that they were going to change into civilian clothes and "be sent in small groups on a mission." Comparing all these data, the woman suggested that the military unit from Vyazma was goint to be sent to the Donbass region, so she reported about this case by phone to the Ukrainian Embassy in the Russian Federation "in order to prevent possible victims." After 8 months after the alleged crime, on January 21, 2015 Davydova was arrested by FSS task force, specially arrived from Moscow. So, the Russian citizen, who did not have any access to State secrets of the Russian Federation, the mother of many children (the woman is bringing up seven children and was breast-feeding at the time of the arrest her two-month old daughter), was put in the shut-up of the notorious FSS detention facility "Lefortovo", which contains the most egregious State criminals.

She was actually facing the long term of imprisonment, as the Experts Commission of Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces issued a conclusion that "the information provided by Davydova is valid and represents a State secret." After nearly two weeks in a jail - only under public pressure - the measure of restraint for Davydova was changed into recognizance.

In March 2015 a criminal case against her has finally been discontinued due to lack of action in Davydova’s crime. The grounds for termination of criminal prosecution were the findings of additional examination, which confirmed that in the information, transmitted by Davydova, was not secret.

Apparently, the FSS quickly realized the dire consequences for the country's leadership born out of the previously imposed sentence. And indeed, can a reasonable person - after recognizing the reliability of the information given by Davydova to the Ukrainian side - believe to Putin who stubbornly denies the use of Russian troops in supporting the separatists of Donbass?

Having examined the abovementined information, we can draw several conclusions and assumptions.

1. By the will of the Kremlin in the foreseeable future Ukraine will continue to retain the status of the main enemy of Russia, the FSS, the Ministry of Defence, the Interior Ministry and other bodies of State administration of Russia - at least, if there are no changes of political leadership in Russia.

2. Manipulating statistical data, the FSS leadership "plays up" to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose foreign policy is based on an obviously false assertion, that Russia is surrounded by a hostile environment. Allegedly, the intelligence services of NATO, the EU, China, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and other countries - whose strategic interests do not coincide with the Russian ones - stepped up against the Russian Federation, conducting their undermining activities.

3. The scanty quantities of actual cases curbed by the FSS - of staff officers and agents of foreign intelligence services, conducting their subversive activities in Russia - suggest the fall of professional level of Russian special services, their poor technical equipment which do not allow timely disclose plans and intentions of adversaries.

Or maybe they do not have a desire to carry out political orders of the Kremlin any more?


Obvious lies in a jargon of thieves - so accessible and understandable for Putin, raised in St. Petersburg’s doorways - is called "fuflo" (bullshit). Naturally, the thieves call people who do not tell the truth, who are telling "shit" - "fuflers", "fuflyzhniks" or even "fuflomeysters". However, unlike in the world of thieves, where a lie is a sign of thieves’ bravery, it is unacceptable in the State security services.

Sooner or later, the dominance of the falsification will necessarily lead to the degradation of the qualification level of employees of the Russian special services, as it was in the days of the notorious Genrikh Yagoda, Nikolai Yezhov and Lavrenty Beria. We may live to the day when the Russian acronym of the FSS (FSB) will be naturally deciphered as "Fuflo Sons of Beria."

Boris Dnieprov, «Vector News»

Translated by Maria Kryzhanovska

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