Verkhovna Rada: Foolish Card game on the way to the European Union

Verkhovna Rada: Foolish Card game on the way to the European UnionAfter having finished to smoke her "Parliament" cigarette at the entrance to the office, a woman in her fifties, standing a meter away from the trash bin, throws the cigarette butt at her feet, giggling: "Ok, let it be this way, it is too far to go to the trash bin", and continues to be indignant over the phone: "Have you seen the euro’s exchange rate?!"

It caused quite a stir in our brains, the Hague statement of the Head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker that Ukraine will not become a member of EU and NATO in the next quarter of a century. But, in fact, it was not addressed to us, but to the Dutch.

It is known, that on the advisory referendum in April they will have to decide whether they want Ukraine to be in the European Union. Not now, not immediately, but namely in 20-25 years. That is, when the country will go into her fifties’ after receiving its independence.

But our people are, of course, alarmed. The degree of nervousness fluctuates between the two extremes: from the utilitarian: "What did we stand / die on Evromaidan for?" to the openly blackmailing (from the part of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Helena Zerkalj): "This referendum doesn’t concern Ukraine, it is, above all, about the existence of the European Union itself." So there!

That is, if I understand correctly, the EU simply cannot live without, say, such as a bus going on the route "Odessa-Gdansk", managed by a drunk driver who committed an accident at the bus station in Lvov. And the key point is not a driver itself, although, it is really important. My point is the reaction of the passengers.
Only one woman (only one!) called to the police after the incident. She tried to explain the situation to the others, but no one wanted to do anything. No one! Did not want to do anything! They didn’t want to react at all!

All people – and at all costs! – wanted to enter this very same European Union to such extent, that they simply did not care where the driver was taking them. The main thing was to get to the aim. Accordingly, now we look stupid in the middle of the nowhere.

May be, that's why the British are likely to ask: "Do we really need a European Union like this, with all the problems that now exist in it, if there are some strange people with such strange peculiarities who want to enter EU too?". Well, we are not speaking about good peculiarities...because the whole situation looks really sad…
Verkhovna Rada: Foolish Card game on the way to the European Union

For only in this way - by "peculiarities" – could they try to explain the weird joy with which our parliamentary "big fishes", having gone to the European Parliament, reported on the creation of a new road map to "improve their own institutionality." And try to prove to me that this expression is not "parliamentary"!

That is to say, our "big fishes" (and there were 40 of them in the group) had to go to Brussels so that somebody drew a map of principles according to which they should work in the Parliament. Someone should teach them that it is necessary to take their job seriously and go to work regularly. Someone should explain that it is forbidden to fight during the Parliamentary session. In that map, of course, there were many other different, serious and important things as well.

For example, MEPs noted that Ukrainian MPs have a lack of understanding of basics legislative proceedings. They failure to comply with legal and procedural requirements for the preparation of draft laws. What is more, their European political peers took notice of the absence of a clear understanding of the role and powers of the committees.

Pat Cox, the Head of the European Parliament Mission on the reform of the Ukrainian Parliament (it sounds really good!) reprimands our big fishes: "When you arrive in Kiev at the plenary meeting, the same week the meetings of the Committee are help. Then, according to your planned schedule, you should work in committees. We found out such a phenomenon that many committees do not meet during the period of committees’ work. Why is this happening? They have to meet, but they do not work. In reality, this is a kind of trickery."

Dear Cox, Ukrainian parliamentary "big fishes" have been brilliantly practicing this trickery for the past two decades. And believe me, they will continue to do the same for another 20 years.

And on the way to Brussels (at the expense of Brussel) they will play a stupid card game. They will be playing the fool. And their stake will be Ukraine.

The same Ukraine, who can be symbolically represented by a woman standing a meter away from the trash bin, throwing the cigarette butt from the "Parliament" cigarettes at her feet, giggling: "Ok, come on, it is so far to go to the trash bin!".

You and Bosch should leave in peace this Ukraine. The country somehow will go to you on foot. Or it will reach you by bus going from Odessa to Gdansk with a drunk driver. And during this travel Ukraine will be indignant at her own euro’s exchange rate...

Konstantin Nikolaev

Translated by Maria Kryzhanovska
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